Foundation offers MP Dariusz Joński to install and configure Linux on his laptop

Aug. 21, 2012

SLD press spokesman and Member of Polish Parliament Dariusz Joński decided to give back his state-issued iPad due to lack of control that he as a user experienced over his data and the device. We condone this decision; we deem any situation in which high-ranking Polish officials use software and hardware that does not give them full control is highly unfortunate.


With this in mind we offered Mr Joński to help him select, install and configure a free GNU/Linux operating system. We would also like to invite Mr Joński, his collegues from the Parliament and all interested persons to Linux in Brama meeting on Warsaw University Technology, where we will gladly explain what Free Software is all about and answer all related questions.

Proprietary, closed-souce software strips users of control over their data, devices and tools. This is especially dangerous when such software is being used by government institutions, state agencies and government officials.

We have supported adoption of free/libre and open source (FLOSS) software in Poland for years. We firmly believe that free software is not onlyy cheaper, but also better for government, education, business and private use. Better - because it offers and protects the very freedoms and control that closed-source, proprietary software takes away.


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